Whats in a name

I thought I should explain to the English, or non Swedish more like it, what the name of our blog actually means…

A lot of our friends already know that Mat calls me Little One – even in public, which sometimes can be a bit embarrassing, but its all done with love so it doesn’t really matter. So now you can figure out that Humlan is what I call Mat.

Humlan is Swedish for The Bumblebee – it might sound strange for me to call my loved one a bumblebee, but not for me. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved bumblebee’s, my mum can vouch for this. Whenever I would see a bumblebee that had dozed off on our veranda windows I would grab a sugar lump and poor some cordial over it, (something I learned from one of my favourite movies, Dunderklumpen) place it next to the dozey bumblebee and leave them to it. Later on I would check up on the bumblebee and they would be gone, having sucked up some sugar and regained their energy Another reason why I always have liked bumblebee’s, apart from being so cute and fluffy and disobeying natures gravity laws by being able to fly, is the buzzing noise they make when they fly. Those of you who know Mat well knows that he hums a lot, not melodies or songs, it’s more a buzzing long constant hummmmmmmmmmm, that sounds very much like a flying bumblebee. So there you go – thats why he’s Humlan.  And we thought it would be good to combine a Swedish and English in the name for our blog, so we thought Humlan & Little One was perfect.