6 months and 6 days

Can not beleive that it is only 6 months and 6 days until our ‘BIG day’!

Mat and I met with our photographer, Philippe Rendu to discuss ideas and how we want it all to come out and I’m glad to say we see wedding photography the same way, we also met with Patrik and Henrik at Frägsta to discuss more details, decided our menu – only need to decide the wine and we’re done. And we also met with our priest. So we have quite a few big things sorted out already.

As I was updating the ‘Save the date’ part of the site I heard some noisy birds outside, looked out the window and spotted two Eurasian Jay’s (more known to me as Nötskrika) They’re beautiful coloured birds, the soft beige taupe colour mixed with the bright light blue makes for a  perfect combination! I’ve never seen this bird in the UK – let alone in a city, I thought they mostly kept to the country side and the forrest. It reminded me of a poster we had in our kitchen as a child, with pictures of different Swedish birds and their names. I used to look at the birds outside the kitchen window and identify them on the poster. So seeing these two beauties just now outside our ‘office/spare room’ window made me rather happy and nostalgic. 

I found this website when I was looking for a picture of the bird and I have to say it’s quite a cool site, you can actually search for different birds, animals, plants etc. And you can hear what the birds sound like – this bird however does not sound as pretty as it looks, in fact it sounds rather horrible. http://www.luontoportti.com/suomi/en/linnut/jay


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