Plantable paper

Take a look at this little video for the cutest Save the Date I’ve ever seen!

I found this over on one of my favourite websites Oh So Beautiful Paper. Since Mat and I got engaged, this website has been on my ‘daily check list’ and it has given me so much inspiration, not only for ideas for our invites but in general and it makes me think that we need more lovely stationary over this side of the Atlantic too!  Because we should never let real paper stationary be entirely replaced by electronic mail, text messages and social networking. Who doesn’t love getting mail, real snail mail, in their post box?!

RSVP date

By now we’re hoping that most of you will have received our invites so we would just like to say: Don’t panic about the RSVP date! We had, as I’ve mentioned previously, some set backs with printing etc. and underestimated the RSVP date when we had the designs done and we couldn’t change the date on the design either as our graphic designer was out of the country for 2 weeks. So we would just like to say; if you could respond as soon as possible, that would be great – so perhaps set it as 13 April rather than this Friday! Our sincere apology!
Here’s a picture from our ‘work shop’


Finally on the way

We have had some bumps in the road with the printing and making of our invites and they have taken some time to put together, but…. Today we finally posted about half of them. So my dears, keep an eye out in your letter box, for one day very soon you’ll have something other than a bill in there. We hope you like them! (oh and please excuse my outfit, it’s my cycling gear as I was on my way to work).