At home with our priest

Yesterday we met up with our priest, Andreas Bernmyr at the church where our ceremony will take place. We talked about the ceremony, about readings, blessings, hymns and he also told us a bit about the history of the church. Trust me when I say; you guys are in for a treat, not only because the church is so different from UK churches, so cute and cosy, but also because Andreas is the type of person who immediately makes you feel welcomed and at ease.

He also let it slip that he had sold himself to advertising, to a Swedish Home ware store, so we looked up the company’s website to find this wonderful little film of Andreas family and their home, which has been passed down in generations from Andreas wife Helena’s side, who teaches wood work classes to school kids. It shows the idyllic Swedish country side life. And don’t miss their yard pony (at 1min 10sec) – my lifelong dream, just saying that Mat is in trouble because now I really want one!

Watch the video here


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