A pinch of sugar/En Nypa Socker

One of my favourite things in the world is good food, I have a bit of a sweet tooth so it goes without saying that my favourite part of the meal is dessert. As for Mat, well he has beyond a sweet tooth. So when it came to choosing a cake we said this has to be perfect, it needs to taste amazing and look like a dream. I was searching high and low in Sweden for someone who makes more British or American style cakes, well more American actually(I am no fan of fruit cake for weddings). I’ve got the impression that most bakeries in Sweden are a bit stuck in their way and in the past, with their classic take on a wedding cake being what we call a “Princess cake” or the full on mousse cakes. They taste lovely, but for me they’re not a wedding cake and the creativity options for the complete look is very limited.  So I was very excited when I found this sweet little company called En Nypa Socker (Swedish for: a pinch of sugar), started by the lovely Sandra Boart back in 2011.

So when we were in Stockholm 2 weeks ago (April 2012), we went cake tasting at En Nypa Socker’s new bakery & cafe, which was in the early stages of opening. Sandra offered us some delicious and fresh options for our future wedding cake, along with an option we had previously discussed by email. With a special ingredient I had suggested as it ties in with our theme and where I come from.  We got off to a great start and Sandra understood our vision for the wedding and what we wanted to achieve. She really liked my inspiration board and theme as it was something that she didn’t get to do much of for other couples. I won’t reveal anything else, apart from that there will be two different flavours and I’m pretty sure that everyone will get a slice of something delicious and dreamy on the day.

Photo by: Sandra Boart

Photo by: Sandra Boart

I really wish Sandra and her team the best of luck! I think she will achieve great success with her company, she has a great eye for detail, design and creativity and more importantly she bakes cakes that tastes as good as they look! We’re happy and proud to be supporting an independent smaller start up company!

Photo added to post at later date. This was our wedding cake. Photo by: Sandra Boart

Photo added to post at later date. This was our wedding cake. Photo by: Sandra Boart


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