Thank You

First of all, sorry for the very long paus between posting, I’ve been very slack. My only excuse is that after the wedding the summer became full of different events and no spare time. I also suffered from post wedding blues, when all of a sudden I had no wedding to gather inspiration and ideas for or DIY projects to do.

But more importantly, Mat and I would like to extend a massive THANK YOU too all our friends and family who came to our wedding from near and far and to all those who sent us well wishes along the way! Our wedding day was hands down the most magical and wonderful day in our lives and we loved every second of it and feel so blessed to have got to share it with those we love.

A special thank you to my mum, Britt, for all the help with gathering things, helping me with my DIY projects and most importantly, for all the amazing flowers you made for us! Without your green fingers and great eye for floral detail, our day would have looked a lot less pretty! And of course, my dad for helping me with all the big DIY projects, your woodwork skills, for letting us use your work shop  and for being the best father of the bride ever seen! Not my words, a friend and guest of the wedding said this and he went to 13! weddings last year alone, I think he has enough experience to judge 😉 To my brother, your speech was the best! To my maid of honour Marie – I’m so blessed to have you in my life, you are one spectacular woman and you continue to amaze me always be there for me! And of course, to my ‘new family’, Mat’s mum and dad, you were so wonderful and helpful and you have welcomed me into your family from day one. I didn’t feel I had to get married to be part of your family, I felt part of it from the first time I came to your house, when Mat and I had only been going out for a couple of weeks!  And a few special thank you’s to friends that helped; My cousin Anna Karin, for her beautiful illustrations in our invites, Kieran for his graphic design skills and helping us out with our whole invite and stationary, Hayley – you made my look complete, you made my hair look sensational! Jim, thank you for singing for us in the church – a moment we will cherish forever, Todd – your Cosmic Blessing was amazing! And thank you to my beautiful and wonderful bridesmaids, Pamela and Sarah and to Mat’s handsome best men Andy and Chris!

We have got the photos from our photographer and I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you.

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