Good Bye Wilma

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As we’re packing up our things to move out of Wilma, that’s what we named our house when we moved in over two years ago, Wilma for Wilton Mews,  I’m thinking of all the good times that we’ve had whilst living here. All the great things we’ve experienced, the laughs we’ve had, the interesting encounters with locals and great neighbours, neighbours that chat to you, who cares and look out for you, the friends we’ve made along the way, the street parties and the wonderful memories that we will take with us.

I still remember that one day over the Easter Weekend back in 2010, when Mat and I were cycling around Hackney looking for potential places we wanted to live, we stopped off at an ever so cute and cosy laid back coffee shop, Wilton Way Cafe. We sat by the windows and we were talking about how nice we thought this area was and we looked across the street and I said: I wish we could live here, on this street in one of those little houses.

The following week Mat contacted his landlady and asked if she had any other properties and she sent him a post code and told us to meet her there. It turned out to be exactly where we said we wanted to live, opposite the little coffee shop. I had already decided that we were going to move in before we even went inside and it was all perfect, so you could say we were incredibly lucky and that it was definitely meant to be!

Since we moved in we’ve seen the street outside change quite a bit. The old closed down post office first opened as a gallery space for six months, to close again and to re-open as our favourite wine shop, Borough Wines. Next door, they opened up a cute, shabby chic, hair dressers shop under the original name of Toppers of Hackney. And then there’s the quirky vintage store with what seems like an infinite archive of vintage Vans & the best window displays of East London, The Other Side of The Pillow. Further down the road we found the tastiest cupcakes in London (not that I’m biased or anything) at Violet, but honestly they are some good cupcakes!  And just recently, we saw the opening of  a curiosities/book shop, opened by a local guy who grew up on Navarino Road and he told us how the shop used to be a toy shop when he grew up, called J.Glinert and he has kept the original name. He stocks some great books on Hackney history, some interesting bits and pieces and mittens knitted by a Swedish grandma, that his girl friend sourced whilst cycling around Sweden! You can’t go wrong with home knitted Swedish mittens! And not to be forgotten, our local pub The Prince Arthur and the Cosmic favourite restaurant LMNT. There’s no wonder we feel a bit sad to be leaving all this behind. Yes, yes, I know we have an amazing adventure to look forward to, but for the moment, we’re a bit sad to leave ‘our hood’ behind. I hope we’re lucky enough to find a place almost as great as this again!



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