We got our bags

We are in Sweden at the moment, back home at my mum and dad’s in Nosebay. And of course we stopped off in Stockholm first to see some friends and to get us some proper gear for our future adventure around the world.

For me there was no question about it, when it comes to choosing a back pack for our trip, or for any other outdoor gear, I always head for Swedish brands. Fjällräven has since long been my favourite outdoor brand. They make high quality gear, which is technical yet stays true to it’s heritage look and it has been tried and tested by ‘real outdoorsy people’. Closely followed by Haglöfs, Lundhags and Tierra. And for gloves, you got to look up Hestra.

When it comes to making backpacks, this brand is a step a head of everyone else. The Scandinavian approach to rucksack and backpack design is a bit different, they design a bag that is meant for carrying heavy hiking gear in the mountainous terrains of the north.

So we headed to one of many outdoor shops in Stockholm, based on Kungsholmen and tried on a few bags. I was immediately sold on Fjällräven’s Kajka, it is a brilliant design and the best detail of all, and I believe the only rucksack in the world, where you can change the width of your shoulder straps depending on the width of your shoulders. A simple but yet so clever idea. And it didn’t take too long to convince Mat that this was the right bag either. Seeing as he has become a big fan of the brand in the last couple of years. He was very upset last year when they had sold out of his dream winter jacket. He was lucky to get one this year instead though.

So now we have our bags, all we need to do is decide what to pack into them, or rather, what not to bring with us.

Check out this little video for a close up on the bag.


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