So far in Melbourne

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I thought an update is well overdue, we have almost spend 2 weeks in Melbourne now without me giving you much updates. So far we have stayed a week with my friends Lauryn and Deniz in Richmond, they were awesome … Continue reading

God Jul

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Mat and I are wishing you all a Peaceful and Merry Christmas from Melbourne. Hopefully the sun will shine on us tomorrow in Melbourne and we will have our Christmas dinner outside in the sun, something very weird for both … Continue reading

Hunting for the perfect coffee

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As those of you who already know me, you know that I love coffee, so part of my mission here down under is to find the perfect flat white and the perfect cafe. In a way I’ve started in the … Continue reading

Singapore in 48 hours

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We landed in Singapore at 3.30am and were lucky enough to kill about 4 hours sleeping on a bench at the airport, probably the most uncomfortable sleep I’ve had, but it had to be done. We took advantage of Singapore … Continue reading

The Four Way Test

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We spotted this whilst we were in Nikko. Something well worth thinking about and living by. I like that around temples in Japan you can find all these different kinds of Good luck charms for sale, there’s Good luck for … Continue reading

6-10 Dec 2012 Kyoto

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Where do I begin… Kyoto has surpassed our expectations by miles! I have always wanted to go to Kyoto to experience the old historic Japan, like in the old Ninja and Samurai movies, you know with the narrow winding streets, … Continue reading

5 Dec 2012 – Nikko Day 2

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We woke up to a sunny Nikko on Wednesday, the lodge was still empty with us as the only guests, which was really nice but also somewhat weird. We had some breakfast and then headed out for a day long … Continue reading

4 Dec 2012 – Nikko Day 1

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On Tuesday we travelled up to Nikko, which is about 2 hours north of Tokyo by train. We took the Shinkansen – the bullet train) to Utonomiya, which was amazing, the seats are so comfy, there’s lot’s of leg room … Continue reading