The Four Way Test

We spotted this whilst we were in Nikko. Something well worth thinking about and living by.


I like that around temples in Japan you can find all these different kinds of Good luck charms for sale, there’s Good luck for longevity in life, Good luck for health, Good luck for happy family, Good luck for school children, Good luck for prosperity, Good luck for business and many many more. What’s funny is that whilst outside a temple in Kyoto, I noticed that lots had been sold for longevity in life, health, happy family, whilst the Good luck for prosperity and business had been left untouched. That made my heart warm!

We were told that these charms are bought and renewed at the end of the year, as it’s believed that it ‘runs out of luck’. One of the bike polo guys gave Mat his charm for Good luck in being safe on the road, which he had as a saddle dangler. Very sweet of him!

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