Mount Fuji

Whilst planning out the details of our Japan trip, Mat and I wanted to squeeze in so much, as there was so much of Japan we wanted to see and experience. But we came to our senses and decided it was better to spend some good quality time in fewer places rather than going from one to another every other day.

One thing we had to cross off the list was Mount Fuji and it was a hard choice to make as we both really wanted to go, but as we read that the weather would be very cold around there at this time of the year and we wouldn’t be able to do much there, we decided it was not to be.

We did however get the chance to see it from the Shinkansen (the bullet train) on our way from Kyoto to Tokyo and it was quite a sight!

Mount Fuji looked very majestic and beautiful, almost perfectly artistic like a drawing or like a big cake finished off with a generous dusting of icing sugar.

We snapped some photo’s from inside the train, not the greatest of quality. But it was better than nothing and  a great added surprise for us!

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