So far in Melbourne

I thought an update is well overdue, we have almost spend 2 weeks in Melbourne now without me giving you much updates.

So far we have stayed a week with my friends Lauryn and Deniz in Richmond, they were awesome hosts, cooked us breakfast when we arrived dead tiered from a night flight with no sleep on Sunday 15 December. We then took an afternoon nap to be able to cope with the rest of the day. They drove us to the Swedish Church in Melbourne for a Swedish Christmas Lucia concert, which was very nice, but also very bizarre. To sit in a little church with blacked out windows, as the sun was still up, with a Lucia concert going on. ย The evening was finished with dinner and then we saw hundreds of fruit bat’s flying around.

Mat and I spent our first week taking it quite easy, as Japan was so full on and non stop, we needed it. We cruised around Melbourne, checking out different areas, shops and lots of coffee shops of course.ย My coffee hunt is still ongoing, more of that later. And of course, Mat has been playing some polo and we caught up with some polo friends too. Checked out the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne as well.

Lauryn took us to Dandenong for a little excursion one day, we went to the National Rhododendron Garden and stopped off for a little picnic in the forest where Mat had a red and blue lorikeet landing on his head, probably thought his beard and hair was a nest.

Last Sunday we moved over to Katie & Ian’s house in St Kilda and spent Christmas with them, their gorgeous little girls; Milla and Yvie, along with Katie’s family and her friend Marco Pierre White. It was our first Christmas in a warm climate and having skyped with my mum and dad the night before and them showing me all the snow outside their window, it felt very strange to sit down to Christmas dinner in the garden and having to wear sunglasses! We had an amazing meal cooked by Katie and her brother Daniel, who is a chef, he cooked us Duck Confit and the most amazing smoked cured salmon with horseradish cream – we were in heaven!

Boxing day was spent on the beach, not a cloud in the sky, but it was very windy and we got rather sunburnt – how very English/Swedish of us! Although to my defence, we did put sunscreen on, but obviously not enough – lesson learnt!

Yesterday Mat’s friend Dale took us for an epic drive to the Yarra Valley, with the intention to visit some vineyards, but we ended up in a fairly new brewery instead, called White Rabbit Brewery. Which was probably Mat’s preference anyway and I can’t say I was disappointed, the ale there was amazing!

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