Great Ocean Road – Day 1

There’s a reason it has been named Great Ocean Road and when you travel on it you understand why.

We set off on our road trip on Wednesday 2 January, from our friends house in St Kilda. By Katie’s advice, we chose to drive down the Mornington Peninsula and take the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff, rather than the fast and boring motorway route around the city. Even though this route takes a lot longer and is a bit more expensive, it’s worth it. And I would even say it’s worth spending a day and night in Mornington, as there is much more to see down there than what we had time for.

It was a great start off, very beautiful and scenic route and I kept gushing about the beautiful beaches and how turquoise the sea was (the gushing did not stop until we left Port Fairy on Sunday). We stopped off at Mount Martha beach, which Katie told me was her local beach as a kid – you could have worse local beaches. A stunning, white soft sandy beach, with bright turquoise water and super cute little beach huts in all the bright colour combinations you could imagine. But beware of the sand on this beach, it gets so hot that it burns your feet, if you’re barefoot you better stick to the water. We drove onwards and took one of the later ferry’s from Sorrento at 6pm, it only took about 35 min to get across the bay, we were hoping to see dolphins, but had no such luck, but it was still a very nice sunny evening and the views are still pretty good, dolphins or no dolphins.

We arrived in Queenscliff and continued our drive towards Anglesea where we were staying for the night. We got there just gone 8’o clock and the food shop had closed so we had no choice but to get fish’n chips from the local chippy – poor us! Mat then decided that we absolutely had to drive to a beach to eat our take away and watch the sunset, so we did and we found a great spot with no one else around. However the sun had already set behind a little hill, but it gave the sky a beautiful bright colour. Eating fish’n chips on the beach, to the sound of crashing waves with your best buddy is pretty awesome!

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