Great Ocean Road – Day 2

Day two of our road trip was spent back tracking a little bit, as we drove past Torquay too late the day before and we wanted to pay a visit to the Surf World Museum. We also wanted to check out Bells Beach, famous for its annual Rip Curl Pro Surf competition. Even though neither of us surf, we are still interested in the sport and the life style.

Surf World was good value for money I think, they had a great archive of old to new boards, interesting information of the history of Australian surfing and the evolution of the sport. We got to find out more about people in the scene, reading about their history and how they got into it, why they surf and so on. There was a rather inspiring story of a kid who was wheel chair bound, his mum and dad had always surfed, so they got him into the water and on a surf board. He said that he never feel so alive as when he is surfing a wave. Amongst other things there was a also a whale fossil bone there, believed to be some 25 million year old! It was found by a group of local surfers on back in 2005 and now has a permanent home in the surf museum.

We made a quick stop at Bells Beach, even though the surf was rather low that day, there were still some keen people in the water trying to catch some waves. It was a pretty impressive scenery, the high cliffs where you park your car and then you have to trapes down the wooden stairs and hop a cross sharp rocks before you get to the beach and the water.

We drove onwards from Bells Beach towards Apollo Bay, the drive took quite a lot longer than we had expected. Measured in km it wasn’t a long drive from A to B, but because the road is so windy it takes a lot longer than you think. We also ended up stopping about a hundred times to admire the views and take photos. They say that the drive between Lorne and Apollo Bay is the best and it’s true, the road is extremely windy, you’re sometimes on very high cliff tops and almost the whole time very near the the sea. We stopped off at one high point just after we had passed Lorne and we saw dolphins out in the sea, it was a rather spectacular sight, especially as it was my first dolphin spots! We thought this was to be our highlight of the day, but it was trumped later on when I spotted a koala in a tree beside the road, so Mat pulled over and we walked carefully back to see if it was still there, which it was. We didn’t see one, but two koalas! They were so darn cute and fluffy where they were sat in their trees, wedged in between the tree trunk and a branch, slowly chewing away on eucalyptus.

We arrived in Apollo Bay just in time to check in at our hostel, which wasn’t maybe the most modern place but still cute, you couldn’t beat the location of it though, with undisturbed sea views. As the shops were closed again, another night with take away fish’n chips on the beach was in order, this time we made it in time for the sunset which was lovely. As we were sitting there munching away on our dinner a couple of ladies walked past and said it looked very nice and they pointed towards the men standing on the rocks further out by the sea fishing, saying they were still waiting for the dinner to be caught. By the time we left, they were still waiting to catch their dinner, I hope they had hot dogs with them as a back up!

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One thought on “Great Ocean Road – Day 2

  1. Happy New Year, and best wishes from us 3.
    I have been reading about your adventure and it seems as you are living the dream, I am so happy for you guys. Your pictures and stories are fantastic, we live your journey through your words and photos, keep it up.
    I saw that Mat has decided to go all the way with his beard, good on you Forest!

    Take care and enjoy life.

    Ant, Clare & Josh.

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