Great Ocean Road – Day 3

On Friday we back tracked ourselves again, as it was going to be a scorcher of a day with a forecast for over 40 degrees, we didn’t fancy frying ourselves on the beach all day. So we decided to head back to Lorne again and do some shorter walks around the Otways National Park.

Once we got back to Lorne, we parked up near the beach and our first walk was along the coast, which was rather nice but not all that interesting, so we cut it short and headed up into the Otways for the Erskine Falls instead.

The walk down to the falls from the car park didn’t take long at all, around 10 min at a leisurely pace. Once we got down to the bottom we were taken a back at the beauty, it is a thin but tall fall that lands on a large flat rock surface and it is surrounded by lush green trees and ferns. I couldn’t restist getting underneath the very cold but refreshing waterfall, it was so lovely!

Driving down from Erskine Falls to our next step, I spotted another koala. This one was quite high up in a Gumtree, even cuter than the first two we saw. It was properly wedged in between a branch and the tree trunk, fast asleep hugging the tree with arms and legs.

Our second walk was to Teddy’s Look Out, the view from there was fantastic. You could see the bendy road, the high mountain sides full of trees, on one side of the road and the turquoise ocean on the other. We sat down in the shade to eat our packed lunch, by the time I was eating my second sandwich, the bread felt like it had gone toasted from the hot air – crazy.

We headed back towards Apollo Bay again in the early afternoon around 3pm. Most people only drive between Lorne and Apollo Bay once, we did it 3 times, but this time it was faster as we didn’t stop every other minute to take photos of the views! We stopped off at a quiet beach for a while to jump in the sea and to soak up a bit of sun. After an hour or so we headed back to Apollo Bay to get some food and cooked dinner at the hostel. In the evening we met up with a friend of mine from Melbourne who happened to be in Apollo Bay on holiday with some friends, it was really lovely to catch up after all these years. We went to the local sea side pub, which proved that some things are the same as in the UK, like the usual ‘seaside town pub’.

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