Halls Gap – With wildlife on your doorstep

Before we drove to Halls Gap, we took a walk around Port Fairy and around Griffith Island, which is a small nature reserve peninsula in Port Fairy, where you can find some near extinct Mutton Birds and Wallabies. We didn’t see any Mutton birds, although we did spot a couple of wallabies. The queue for the light house was way too long, so we were happy with seeing it from a far.

The drive from Port Fairy to Halls Gap was cool, we left the ocean and the coast land at midday and headed north inland, soon we were in the middle of fields. We found a great look out spot, drove up there to admire the view and all we could see in all directions where yellow fields, farms and a few houses, the ocean was nowhere to be seen. We also drove through some interesting looking old small towns. We stopped off in Penshurst to take some photos, it was a bit eeire. It seemed like it was a town stuck in a time warp, it felt like being on the set from an old western movie. The only thing missing was tumble weed blowing across the street and Clint Eastwood riding on a horse.

We arrived in Halls Gap in the Grampians National Park on Sunday afternoon the 6 January and one of the first things we saw was kangaroo’s chilling out in the shade eating some grass. One even had a little Joey in it’s pouch. I was so pleased, in less than one week I had spotted dolphins, koalas and kangaroo’s. The animal lover in me was on a high!

We stayed at the Halls Gap Grampians YHA, which again was a lovely hostel. It was quite modern and a large, but still felt homely. We were lucky to get a ground floor room, with a door opening onto the garden. It was a 4 bed share, but we were the only ones in the room which was really nice.

As the drive up to Halls Gap took quite sometime, it was pretty much dinner time when we arrived, so we went to the local shop and bought some food and made use of the hostels BBQ and parked ourselves on the table outside by the BBQ. It was a very hot evening, it had reached around 35 C that afternoon. After dinner Mat was on the laptop and I was writing post cards, we were both taken a back by the amount of wild life that seemed to be just on our door step. First the kangaroo’s around the corner, the kangaroos poo in the garden outside our door. There were lorikeets flying around everywhere, as where the Sulphur crested cockatoo’s. As soon as they had stopped screeching in the evening the kookaburra’s where going crazy up in the forest towards the mountains. And when it had gone dark both Mat and jumped slightly as a possum climbed up the timber pole opposite our table and just starred at us, for what seemed like an age, then climbed back down and just minded his own business.

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