The hottest day

Since we started our adventure there seem to have been records or disasters of some sort in each place we’ve been. A tunnel collapsed in Tokyo on our first day, then there was an earthquake in northern Japan (thankfully we were in Kyoto and didn’t feel a thing), then there was bad bush fires outside Sydney, just recently we had the Cyclone Oswald in Queensland, which caused major flooding’s around the state and cut us off from electricity in Brisbane for 3 days. But the coolest (being the opposite of the meaning of the word) of all of these has to be that we were in Sydney when they had the hottest day since records began. It was measured up to 45.8 degrees Celsius.

We had already made plans with one of Mat’s friends to meet him in Manly that day, probably a good plan as it was way too hot to stay in the city. We took our bikes and cycled down to the harbour to catch the ferry. That cycle ride was the sweatiest ride I’ve ever done and we didn’t even ride fast, my arms and legs were wet with sweat when we got there and it was so hot that our eyeballs hurt – such a bizarre feeling!

We took the ferry to Manly which was lovely, we got a bit of a sea breeze and some fresh air. We met up with our friend in Manly and walked over to the beach which was,  no surprise, rather packed. We didn’t stay too long as it was in the middle of the day and we didn’t want to fry ourselves. So our friend took us for a drive around some of the other smaller less populated beaches, which were beautiful. We then ended up in lovely Dee Why and stopped there for fish and chips for lunch, it was the best fish and chips I’ve ever had! After our lunch we stayed on the beach in Dee Why to lap up some sun and went for a swim. As we were in the water we could see a rain cloud sweeping past us and to the north so we thought that we’d been spared. We couldn’t be more wrong. The day ended with a rain storm which cleared the beach out in about 2 minutes. It was a weird feeling but nice and refreshing, having rain pour down on you when it was still so hot outside.

As per advice from another friend we went to a local brewery and pub in Manly called Four Pines and had a couple of beers before heading back to Sydney, on a very windy ferry ride. 

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One thought on “The hottest day

  1. Wow! Frying your eyeballs… ! That weather’s a strange one there isn’t it?! I experienced the heaviest rain with the largest raindrops I had ever seen/felt on my first day, when it had been really sunny in the morning… Then on Bondi, the same thing as you experienced – sunny one minute then rain clearing the beach the next! Hope you are having a great time. Xxx

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