Fraser Island

One of our planned stops on our road trip was Fraser Island, not only an island made entirely out of sand, but the largest one of its kind in the world and the only one where rainforest grows on sand and last but not least, a listed world heritage sight!

It was a spectacular sight and our guide was full of  information about the island, covering its history from indigenous to current time, its flora and fauna and about the animals on the island.

We were one of the first group to go back on the island after the storms and the low tide was rather late in the day. We were crammed in to a 4×4 and our tour guide and driver took us safely along the beach and managed to dodge all the waves. Our first day we saw the Maheno ship wreck, she served as a hospital ship in Europe during the First World War but was later sold for scrap metal to Japan in 1935. When it was being towed to Japan it was hit by a cyclonic storm that snapped the tow chain and Maheno drifted to Fraser Island and it has stayed there since. After visiting the wreck we went for a swim in Eli Creek, there was a bit of a currant so we had some help swimming down the creek. The fresh water was so clear and pure, it was beautiful. Our last stop of the day was a hike to Lake Wabby , a fresh water lake in what looks like the middle of the desert. First you hike through this deep forest onwards and upwards and you arrive to look over this massive field of sand, what looks like a desert, you walk across it to find a bright green lake right at the bottom of a steep sandy hill. However, no paradise comes without its price, were being attacked by some horrible biting big flies that no insect repellant seemed to be of any help.

Our second day we started off early to get to Lake McKenzie before the mass crowds arrived. We were lucky as our group had the beach the lake almost exclusively for an hour before the big bus tours of back packers came along. The sand at Lake McKenzie is the whitest I have ever seen and the water the clearest I’ve ever swam in. Although it was nowhere near as turquoise blue as in the photo’s I’ve seen online. So there’s surely some photo shop going on 😉 or it’s because the sky wasn’t blue enough when we were there. Never the less, its still a beautiful place!

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