Sydney Coffee Spots

Whilst spending time in Sydney,I had a list of coffee shops that I wanted to check out, as my hunt for the perfect coffee is always on. I do wish that I would’ve had more time (and money) to check out even more places. Most of the spots that I had already read about lived up to and beyond my expectations, there was one that didn’t. Anyway, here’s a run down on some of them.

Grounds of Alexandria  has had rave reviews in the coffee world, they won prices for best new coffee shop in 2012 and the photos I had seen really made me excited to check it out. It has a lovely nursery garden at the front which is relaxing and welcoming, the waiting staff by the door where very friendly. We ordered our coffees to go with a waitress, as we wanted to sit in the pretty nursery garden outside. The waitress brought us our coffees, but I was given a latte instead of my flat white,  she apologised and asked the barrista to make me a new coffee as it was wrong. I saw the barrista take a pen and write an F on the lid for a flat white and when the waitress came back he gave her the same cup I sent back. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking that perhaps he had made a flat white and just accidentally wrote L on there, but when I took a sip I realised that it was a latte. I walked up to the barrista and told him that my coffee was too weak to be a flat white. He took the cup away from me in a hump and grump, didn’t say a word, made me a new coffee and placed it down on the bench in a hump, still not saying a word. This one too tasted weak, more like a latte. So needless to say, I was very disappointed in Grounds of Alexandria. They say they pride themselves in making great coffee, but I did not feel they lived up to that at all. The waiting staff were all very friendly and professional though.

There was however plenty of great places in Sydney for coffee to make up for this, one of them was Campos Coffee. They roast their own beans and have been going for quite some time now and have opened up in many places around Sydney and even in Brisbane. As we stayed in New Town whilst we were in Sydney, our friend took us to the original Campos Coffee, on a little side street, it’s in an old corner building, that was once a residential house. It has its own little stoop, I’m a sucker for stoops. Inside the coffee shop is quite small and it had a great Saturday morning vibe to it, full with locals coming in for their weekend coffee. We sat down for a coffee and a almond croissant and my flat white was perfect. I almost got the same feeling as I used to in my old local coffee shop. The staff where happy and friendly, buzzing away making coffees. This is my type of coffee shop, where you go up to the counter, place your order and pay, take a seat and wait for your coffee and just watch life go by.

I had read a few articles about Coffee Alchemy, so I was really looking forward to paying them a visit, they gave me the impression that they take coffee making and roasting very seriously and boy do they! They roast their own coffee onsite, so the smell as you enter is heavenly. They serve a cold coffee that comes out of a beer tap, but at $7 a cup and on a travelling budget, I had to give that a miss, even though I’m kicking myself slightly for it now. Although my flat white was amazing, I dare say the best I had in Australia. The staff in there seemed to all take the coffee making seriously, but not in a hipster kind of way. (thank god!) If you go to Sydney, pay this place a visit, even though the place is a bit of the beaten track, you will not be disappointed in their coffee!

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