Brisbane Coffee Spots

I was lucky enough to have my own in house barrista when we were staying in Brisbane, Ollie who we stayed with is a coffee lover and works part time at Glenn’s Espresso whilst studying. He told me all about the best places for coffee in Brisbane and not only that, the made me the best iced coffee I’ve ever had. He introduced me to The Cuban. On a hot day, this is like a piece of heaven. While I usually say it’s never too hot for coffee, I have to admit that when its 30-35C and high humidity it even pushes my boundaries for hot coffee. This is when The Cuban comes in place. You place ice cubes in the bottom of the glass, pour the milk over them, then pour the espresso shot on top of it, allowing you to first sip off the crema of the espresso slowly and the let the rest of the coffee blend with the milk and ice – heaven! Thanks Ollie and Bunker for teaching Ollie to do them.

Simply called Cup Coffee, in West End was a nice little spot we went to, they roast their own coffee, the coffee here was great. The place has simple and scaled back interior, very tasteful and an all round nice place to just hang out.

One place we visited that stuck in my mind was Little Prince Espresso, only around the corner from where we were staying and in the foyer of the Princess Theatre, it’s a beautiful coffee shop. The owner told us he named it after his favourite book from his childhood. I like when there’s a good story to back up your name. The coffee they served us was great and their beans come from Cup Coffee.

Saving the best til last, and it’s again, off the beaten track and I dare say my favourite coffee shop in all of Australia, potentially my favourite ever… Bunker. I had seen pictures of this place and read about it already, so I was really curious to check it out and it was nothing short of coffee heaven! It lives up to its name, it looks like a bunker, it’s a small place in what looks to be an old garage space. They have stacks of magazines you can flick through, it is small and super cosy, simple and scaled back, friendly staff and the coffee was superb as was the lemon and pistachio muffin we had. The guys here are also the ones to thank for Ollie’s cuban, as this is where he learnt to make it. We found this place when it was pouring with rain a Friday afternoon and we stayed here for quite sometime to wait for the rain to finish and it was the perfect combination of coffee and chilled hang out space. In fact it was so good we came back for more. These guys not only, roast their own beans, but also make their own bottled iced coffee and iced chocolate milk drinks that taste divine!

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