Art Deco Heaven

Napier is on the east coast of the North Island in New Zealand, in an area called Hawkes Bay. It is also known as The Art Deco Capital, for it’s well preserved Art Deco architecture.

In 1931 Napier town centre was levelled by a terrible earth quake and after the clear up they rebuild the city in the Art Deco style that was so popular at the time. Most of the town centre has remained untouched and is still in its original style. Its considered as one of the best preserved places in the world for Art Deco architecture, it has even earned them a nomination for a World Heritage Site.

We arrived a day late for the yearly Art Deco Weekend, I was slightly gutted to learn this as I’m a big fan of anything from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. If only I’d known and we could have planned to arrive a bit earlier and see the town in its full glory. However, Napier is a great little city to visit any time of the year. You will still see plenty of people dressed up around the town for their daily jobs, be it in the Art Deco centre, as tour guides or owners for vintage shops. I didn’t dare enter any of the vintage shops for the lack of funding reasons. But the windows looked good enough to me.

After Napier we headed south to the neighbouring city of Hastings, which also has a lot of Art Deco buildings. It is also part of the Hawkes Bay area, which is probably mostly famous for its wineries.

We found a remote cute little campsite outside Hastings, in Te Awanga Hawkes Bay, it was right underneath the cliffs and on the edge by the sea. It was so close to the sea that part of the original road had been washed away. We found out that they’ve had to move the campsite further back no less than 3 times!

Luckily, we didn’t get washed away during our stay and we woke up looking over the sea. Before we headed further south, we took a little walk along the beach and cliff edges.

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