We drove into Wellington on Tuesday afternoon, just in time for Mat to build up his bike and get some bike polo play in with the Wellington guys. My first impression of Wellington was that it is a very attractive city with a lot of cute wooden houses, big and small.

Being the coffee nerd that I am and knowing that Wellington is famous for its coffee and coffee shops, I was so excited when we struck gold for breakfast as we stumbled upon Lamason. A slick and well designed coffee shop, I would even dare call say the best looking coffee shop I’ve seen, that lies nestled by the exit of an inner city car park where we had parked for the day.

We ordered our coffees and some really tasty brekki treats called Cheese and bacon wheel. The food on offer was not grand, but these things made up for it, they were yummy! And as for my flat white, well…. I have to say, it was the best one I have had so far on this trip, it was perfection all the way!

Lamason uses coffee by Peoples Coffee, a company with a very inspiring ethos and history. They published The Barista Handbook last year, which is a very interesting book, if you’re interested in coffee from bean to cup. (I would’ve loved to buy it, but the travel budget fairies were denying me the pleasure of it). The book inspired us to walk from the city centre to Peoples Coffee in Newtown, just to check it out and to top up on our coffee intake.

In the afternoon we walked around the harbour of Wellington, it was a warm sunny afternoon and there were a lot of people about and a lot of activity. But not only on land, there was a lot of water activity as well, there were teenagers swimming and playing in the water, jumping from the harbour side into the water – which was by far the cleanest and clearest water I have ever seen in a city or town harbour. If I’d had my swimmers with me, I would’ve joined them. There were also lots of school classes practising for dragon boat races. It was really refreshing to see a capital city harbour so clean and so full of life.

Not only did I have the best flat white in Wellington, we also had the best burgers ever! We went to Mt Vic Chippery on our last evening and thought that we should treat ourselves to some meat and top up our iron levels and ordered their cheese burger – it was delicious!

On our way Β back through Wellington, we took the historic cable car up the very steep hill and takes you to the entrance of The Botanical Gardens, with a stunning panoramic view of the city.

The other place we paid a visit to on our way back, was Mount Victoria,Β I really must recommend to check it out if you’re in town. Whether you drive or walk up there, its well worth it for the 360 degree view of the city and the bay and also well worth it for the walk through the forest on the way down too. And for you LOTR fans, this is where one of the very famous scenes were filmed, but I’ll leave you to find that out for yourself, as there are plenty of ‘set locations’ around Wellington to check out, should you want to.

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