A romantic dinner for two

When you’re travelling there are certain things that you need do to cut your spending. And it goes without saying that limiting alcohol purchases is probably the first and the best thing to cut back on. So for us we have had “Drinks Friday” since we started our trip, or “Booze Friday” as we have called it too.

So on Friday 28 February we really excited as we could treat ourselves to a drink, we went to the grocery store and we bought some nicer than usual ingredients for dinner and a bottle of local red wine, thinking that if we were good and didn’t drink it all in one night, we could have a “Saturday Rollover”.

We had already decided where to stop for the night, we had found it in our DOC site leaflet, this one in particular sounded quite cool, it was at an old disused railway station and more importantly, it was free! We got to Kawatiri DOC site early evening and we noticed that pretty much everyone was in there vehicles. We stepped outside for a few seconds and soon realised why. We were immediately accompanied by swarms of gigantic bumble bees, tons of wasps and the horrid sandflies. We had to quickly abandon our plan of cooking a nice dinner and changed it to soup – thank god we had stocked up on a few cans earlier that day.

So while Mat was heating up our luxury soup, I was sat in the front seat of our van preparing bread and cheese and poured the wine up for us. Mat hurried inside with the soup and there we were, toasting our ‘Drinks Friday’ in the front seats of our van, listening and looking at giant bumblebees bumping into the windows and the sides of the van. How romantic. At least we’re laughing about it now.



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