The Picton Ferry and beyond

We caught the ferry over to Picton early on Thursday morning the 27th February. The ferry ride in itself is a wonderful experience, not cheap, but at least you feel like you get a bit of value for your money if you step out on deck to admire the view both as you leave Wellington and especially as you arrive to the south island and near Picton.

Once we got to Picton, we’d had a nap and some brekki on the ferry and felt great and ready to take in the beauty that Picton had in store for us. It is such a picturesque little wonderland, so lush and green and the water is incredibly emerald green to turquoise. Picton itself as a town might not have that much to offer, its very small, but has a very lovely harbour and you can do a great hike around the island by the harbour.

We chose to take the Queen Charlotte Drive and we didn’t know what it had in store for us, nor did we know how famous it is, it has been named one of the most scenic drives in the country and we were in for a real treat! It’s a 40km drive that winds up and down and in and out along the coast of The Marlborough Sounds turquoise waters and lined with the native green forest and bushes. It was one of my most significant memories along our whole NZ trip, some of the views we saw along that trip will be forever etched in my memory bank!

We stopped of at a place called Ngakuta Bay, it was a glorious sunny and hot summers day and it was perfect for a swim. This bay was like my dream place come true. It was quiet and chilled out, not too big or too small, there were boats dotted around the bay, private jettys here and there and one big communal jetty which we made use of. I truly felt as if I had found paradise and I felt like a kid inside! I know it sounds silly, but it felt a bit magical. The water was so refreshing and clear. As much as I love a beach, I actually prefer jumping into the water from a jetty and climbing up a ladder when finished, to then lie on the timber of the jetty in the sun to dry up – that is my type of summer and sunbathing!

Unfortunately paradise had to come to an end and we had to move on if we wanted to get to a camping place in time. So we pushed on, but we still had time for Β a few more stops along the way to admire the views of this scenic drive and take some photos, before we ended up at the Pelorus Bridge DOC camp site. Which was just wonderful, we parked up along the river, which was very low, but it was so nice to be parked up in what felt like the middle of nowhere, with the breezy sound of the river from a far.

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