From Fox to Wanaka

On our drive from Fox towards Wanaka we made our first stop at Lake Matheson, also known as Mirror Lake. This is the perfect post card view, with the lake mirroring the mountains, you can in fact see the top of Mt Cook from there. However we weren’t very lucky with the mirror reflections when we visited, there was a slight breeze that rippled the waters of the lake and ruined our chances for that mirror reflection. Although it was still very beautiful.

We continued our drive further south and it soon started raining, so our stop at Haast Beach was quite brief, but it was still beautiful. New Zealand has that very unusual power of ever being an unattractive, even in the rain! In fact the whole drive between Haast and Wanaka is very famous for its many worthwhile stop offs as you drive through the top of Mount Aspiring National Park. But the rain put us off stopping at many of them and the fact that we were running out of time.

By the time we had reached the north end of Lake Wanaka it had stopped raining and the sun even popped out for the late afternoon. The drive got even more interesting and beautiful, with high hilly tops, winding roads and Lake Wanaka first to your right, then the hills cut in and push the road to the other side and you end up with the stunning views of Lake  Hawea, the whole scene to us didn’t look real, it looked like a movie set.

After stopping to take yet more photos we pushed on towards the cute lake town of Wanaka and stayed there for the night. It’s a lovely small town with a very laid back atmosphere and still a few interesting places. When we were there the town was getting ready for their annual Wanaka Show , which is an argicultural fair they have every year. I was somewhat gutted we couldn’t stick around as there was show jumping on the schedule for the weekend. As we sat on the beach by the lake front we were in for a treat though, when the Warbirds put on a show for us whilst practicing for the weekend. So at least we got to see that before we left, pretty impressive stuff!

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