Saying good bye is always hard – Saying good bye to NZ is even harder

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go to New Zealand and travel around the two islands. So I was really looking forward to fulfilling my dream of exploring this beautiful country. Mat visited New Zealand 10 years ago, but he didn’t feel he had enough time there and it was also during their winter. So we were both super psyched to get there.

I think the best way to see this magnificent country is by camper van, or a car and a tent if you’re a bit more adventurous. It was such a fantastic experience to spend almost 6 weeks, just the two of us, in our very small camper van(Bongo). Which was actually just a regular van with a built in, make shift bed, consisting of two mattresses on top of wooden boards. Living this simple life, where you make and eat all your meals outside, wearing whatever is still (somewhat) clean and waking up at one beautiful place after the other is so satisfying and made us feel so happy and content.

For our last night with ‘Bongo’ we got ourselves a sweet little spot at Willowside Camping, right in front of Lake Rotorua. It was the perfect place to end our fantastic trip. We cooked ourselves a nice meal and even treated ourselves to some red wine – even though it wasn’t ‘Drinks Friday’. As we sat there watching over the lake, talking about all the amazing times we’ve had, we felt sad that it all had to end and we really wanted it to go on for longer. But as the saying goes “all good things must come to an end”. New Zealand lived up to and surpassed all our expectations by miles or kilometres to perfectly right.

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