Fiji – a little piece of paradise

Most people who have been to Fiji will tell you that you should get out of Nadi as soon as you can, even off the main island as soon as possible. But as we only had a few days in Fjii and limited on finances, going to one of the smaller more remote islands wasn’t an option. To make matters more complicated, we arrived over the Easter Weekend, meaning that if we wanted to get to any of the other islands we would have to pay a privately chartered boat, which we couldn’t justify.  So we opted to stay on the main island.

We were lucky to find a lovely little piece place on the most northern tip of Fiji main island, called Wananavu Beach Resort. We didn’t fancy coughing up around 100FJD each to get a direct transfer, so we went for the local transport options of a taxi, a mini bus, a bus and another taxi. Four interesting hours later, we arrived at the resort. It all added to the memory bank and made it a more fun and interesting journey.

Our room, which was a Garden Bure had a fantastic view of the ocean and the horizon. It was built all in wood, had a large bathroom featuring a private garden view from the shower, simple classic Fijian interiors, a big super comfy bed and a veranda where we could sit and enjoy the ocean view!

This was our first (and only) time we just chilled out and relaxed during our trip, it felt so good to just hang in the sun and read a book. As much as I love an adventure and being on the go, it felt heavenly to lie in the sun and do nothing! There was no classic white sandy beach, but we were still just by the water so you can still dip in for a swim in the azure blue water.

The resort is famous for its diving and they also offer many other activities at very reasonable prices. We went out with a boat one day to a small reef by Nanunanu-I-Ra island, for some snorkelling. It was a lot easier than at the Great Barrier Reef, as there wasn’t a strong current to swim against. We saw plenty of colourful little fishies, including clown fish and lovely coral reefs.

On our last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at their restaurant, which has a terrace with magnificent views. And the staff also knew it was our last night, so the Band Boys, who plays at the resort at lunch time and every night, along with some of the staff sang us a song to say thank you and good bye. It was slightly embarrassing, as  everyone else in the restaurant were starring at us, but it was very sweet and we were really touched by that. The Fijian’s are famous for their warm and friendly hospitality and they really lived up to it!

All in all we had an amazing time at Wananavu, it really is a little piece of paradise. The breakfast buffet along with the cooked option was awesome, the pancakes where so delicious!

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