Welcome to America

We left Fiji on April 4th, after our flight took off 3 hours late, also known as “Fiji Time”. When we arrived at LAX we spent 2 hours + waiting in a queue for immigrations. There was a shift change at passport control, which meant our queue was left with one person at the immigrations booth. And here I was thinking that Heathrow was a badly organised airport, even when there was a strike a couple years back it was faster to get through passport control.  But as we were “time travelling”, we hadn’t actually lost any time, so it wasn’t too bad. We left on April 4th and arrived on the same date, so we actually gained a day.

We made our way to collect the rental car and Mat had decided that I was to do the driving as he put it” you’re I’m used to driving on the right side of the road”. Me however thought this was a foolish idea, the busiest “motorway” I had ever driven on had 2 lanes and no other cars in them apart from me! But, my argument fell to deaf ears, so in I went, to this crappy little rental car (never get a Kia, they are NOT made for anyone with a bigger then a 12 year old ballerina) and off we went towards the infamous LA Highways. IHK!

I was so nervous that I felt sick to my stomach and every time I saw a traffic jam I let out a sigh of relief and an excited “yay”.  Despite thinking I would kill us, we made it safe and sound, with no trouble what so ever, to our hostel in Santa Monica, with great thanks to Google Maps and my Iphone.

We spent the following day walking around Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which was an interesting experience. It’s a bit of a freak show, kind of like Camden on crack & speed at the same time, thrown in with a bunch of steroids, just for good measure. But it was still good fun! I must say, we had a fantastic Cob Salad for lunch, it was so big and filling it even satisfied Mat’s hungry belly! Santa Monica as a whole is a very cute area, with the classic palm tree lined streets, lovely houses, shops, markets, restaurants and bars. We stayed one night with my friends in their super cute and cosy apartment, had dinner on their terrace and watched the sun set behind the palm trees, that was my favourite part of LA!

By the time we left LA on the Sunday, I had almost started to get used to navigate myself around this crazy big city with it’s insane highways. But I could never live in a city where I have to have a big car to get anywhere, it takes you forever to get from A to B, where a lot of the population are made of plastic parts and, apologies, seem rather in genuine and self obsessed. Last but not least, the air is so polluted that an enormous sausage like grey cloud of smog hovers over the  the city, as seen from in flight to LAX.  Nope this kinda place is not for me and I won’t be going back in a hurry! However, having said that, I’m still glad for the experience, whether it’s a good or a bad one, an experience that leaves you with a lasting memory and impression is always a good one in my eyes.

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