Yosemite Falls and more

Once we had freshened ourselves up after our day hike up The Mist Trail, we were absolutely starving, but we didn’t fancy a pizza again, nor did we want to eat any of the school dinner type food that Camp Curry had to offer. So we took the car and drove towards the Village Area and hoped we’d find something else around there.

We ended up at the Awhanee Hotel, although being a luxury 5 star hotel, their bar food as it turns out, is very reasonably priced. We both ended up ordering their house chili con carne (at $9.95), which was delicious and just what our we needed after a long day hiking. After we’d finished our dinner we took a little walk around and had a look at the Grand Lobby, with it’s 24-foot-high ceilings and floor to ceilings windows and the biggest open fire place I’ve ever seen, it was rather impressive. The hotel is all inspired by Native American Art and it fits in perfectly with it’s grand natural surroundings outside. Even if you can’t afford to stay at the hotel, it’s still well worth a visit just to look at the Grand Lobby and to have the Chili Con Carne in the bar!

On our last day in Yosemite we did a little walk to Mirror Lake, which was good, but seeing as they stopped dredging the lake in the late 70’s, there’s not so much of a lake left for the surroundings to mirror itself in. Personally I wish we had spent the time doing something else. My advice is to give it a miss and make sure you go to Glacier Point instead. The road up there was still closed when we were in Yosemite so we missed out on that one.

We did however save the best for last I think, the highest waterfall in America, Yosemite Falls.  Some will argue this, as technically the waterfall is divided in three. But from the top to the bottom it falls an impressive 738 metres, making it the sixth highest waterfall in the world. It is divided into three parts, with the upper fall measuring in at 435 metres, the middle cascade has a fall of 205 metres, whilst the lower fall is the smallest at 98 metres. Seeing the whole fall in all it’s spring splendour was spectacular, it was almost a bit hypnotic watching it and I can’t really do it justice with words, not even the photo’s do it justice. I think it’s one of those things you need to see to appreciate fully. I have a short clip of it on my Instagram, you can watch it here.

As we left Yosemite behind us and headed toward the town small town of Chico, we both knew that Yosemite is one place we will be returning to. There was far too much we didn’t have a chance to do, far too much more to explore and see, and we definitely want to go back and camp there, American style. All I know is that Yosemite will forever hold a special place in my heart.


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