Brisbane Coffee Spots

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I was lucky enough to have my own in house barrista when we were staying in Brisbane, Ollie who we stayed with is a coffee lover and works part time at Glenn’s Espresso whilst studying. He told me all about … Continue reading

Hanging in Brisbane

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Having heard many other Australian’s and non Aussies tell me that Brisbane wasn’t a very cool city and so on, I didn’t have high expectations. But I thought I’d go there and make my own mind up. I was pleasantly … Continue reading

Sydney Coffee Spots

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Whilst spending time in Sydney,I had a list of coffee shops that I wanted to check out, as my hunt for the perfect coffee is always on. I do wish that I would’ve had more time (and money) to check … Continue reading

Finding Nemo

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The main attraction of our epic drive up the east coast of Queensland was, of course, The Great Barrier Reef. We were lucky enough to book the last two spots on a tour for the Great Barrier Reef with Adrenalin Dive. We … Continue reading

Fraser Island

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One of our planned stops on our road trip was Fraser Island, not only an island made entirely out of sand, but the largest one of its kind in the world and the only one where rainforest grows on sand and … Continue reading

Oswald – the cyclone

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Mat and I was excited to get to spend a true Australia Day with our friends in Brisbane by going to a pool party. Only thing was that the weather was rather British. It started raining heavily the day before … Continue reading

My favourite coffee spots in Melbourne

So my hunt for the perfect flat white or the perfect coffee is always on and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places that I encountered in Australia. Melbourne has since long been leading the way … Continue reading

Blue Mountains

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The Blue Mountains is a great place for a one or two day trip out of Sydney, it’s easy to get to as you can catch a train from the central station and they run pretty regularly, one per hour if … Continue reading

The hottest day

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Since we started our adventure there seem to have been records or disasters of some sort in each place we’ve been. A tunnel collapsed in Tokyo on our first day, then there was an earthquake in northern Japan (thankfully we … Continue reading

Wine tasting at Best’s

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On our way back to Melbourne from Halls Gap we stopped off in Great Western for a wine tasting. I had read a couple of leaflets on the wineries in the regions and decided that Best’s at Great Western was … Continue reading