How to get to the ‘Swedish Outback’

We’re hoping you’re not scared of flying and therefore you will choose to fly to Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. Trust me when I say, that there is not much pointin booking a cheap airline such as Ryan Air etc, as you end up in the sticks (Skavsta) and will have to spend several hours and much money on getting back to Stockholm, to even start your journey north. Where as if you fly to Arlanda you can either jump on a train from the airport directly to Hudiksvall and be there in about 2,5 hrs. Or if you like, rent a car and drive which is super easy. You follow directions for the motorway E4 north towards SUNDSVALL. And follow the one motorway all the way, straight up to HUDIKSVALL (roughly 250 KM) will probably take you between 2,5 -3 hrs max. And I’m sure that the rental cars all have Satnav’s nowadays. Or if you like to stay in Stockholm first you can still hop on the train directly to Hudiksvall in 3 hrs.

By Air:

One thing to think of before you book your flight, if you are travelling to Hudiksvall directly from Arlanda, is to have a look at the train times before you book your flight to make sure that there is a suitable train. There are no late evening trains going north, so do check before you book!


Trains are mostly state run in Sweden – SJ is the company that runs most trains, there are some privatised trains too, but they are mostly locally ones. You will need to book with SJ. The website will show all available options to get you from A to B. X2000 trains are their express trains, they will take you from Arlanda airport directly to Hudiksvall just under 2,5 hrs. There are some trains where you will need to change half way through at Gävle trainstation. The change is not difficult – there are only about 4 or 5 platforms and pretty much everyone understands English and will help you if you ask them. And again, just send an email and ask me any questions as I know the website can sometimes be a bit confusing (even for me and I’m Swedish). Tickets are released 3 months in advance and the earlier you book them the cheaper they are – so book them as early as you can and you can get them for around £25-£30 single journey.

As for car rentals I will have to do some research and I will update the page when I have more information.

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